M issions

To recruit, train, and deploy Spirit-filled servants into ‘all the world’ to meet the spiritual and natural needs of humanity.
A great cause

The Gospel to the world

Global & Local Missions exists to proclaim the gospel to the world by sending forth God-called men and women in obedience to the great commission.

“Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”

A group of apostolic individuals in white robes standing in the water at church.

Missions objectives


To send forth God-called missionaries into all the world to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every creature

To train national workers and ministers that they might, in fulfillment of the great commission, be able to evangelize and give leadership to the churches among their own people and in missionary outreach to other nations

To produce under God, self-governing national churches in every country according to the apostolic pattern

To establish a fellowship with FUTIM local churches which shall engage with their closest diocese and maintain relationship within FUTIM worldwide

To create, by the power of the Word of God and the working of the Holy Spirit, a love for truth and holiness that will bind the church to the heart of God and produce the bride of Christ from among every nation, tribe, and tongue in the whole world (Revelation 5:9).
Being aware of this daunting task, we place our trust in God, His power, His Word, and seek to establish a center of operations which national workers and ministers are sent forth. Missionaries are to be made aware of the fact that they alone cannot fully accomplish that which must be done. We must pray and trust God to add souls to the church who will bring to completion the full evangelization of each country and thereby the whole world.

Missions' Locations

A group of apostolic people posing for a picture.


A group of apostolic believers standing together in a church.

South Africa

Pastor Ivan Mosely

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